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Car seat pressure
deceleration controller

Safety Net Can Be Used At

  • Airplanes
  • Trucks
  • Boats
  • Motorcycles: with a big backrest (roll bar).
  • Lawnmower: riding
  • Cars
  • Any vehicle that has an up right portion.

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If you have an invention that has to do with safety, please contact us. We are building a database of new safety products, things that can help save lives. Let's share ideas and experiences.
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Statistically proven!

Deceleration control. Here are some deceleration methods that can only be proven statistically to be better than nothing!
  1. Tying a bungee cord to your leg and jumping off a bridge.
  2. Aiming for an air bag after a car crash. Hitting the bag face first breaks the neck. Especially for children! What about a multi-car crash or rollover.
  3. Across the shoulder harness. Basically useless at high speeds. Dale Ernhardt had his neck broken.
  4. Manufacturing the car frame and body fold, upon impact.
  5. 55 gallon barrels containing sand or water before a bridge or overpass.
  6. A seat belt alone can rupture the internal organs at high speeds.
  7. Building extra padding and buckles into a child seat.
Nature's Methodology
The web from a Steel Web Spider can catch a 747 in mid air.