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Presenting a Car Seat Restraint that will save over 50,000 lives a year. This new computer controlled machine will eventually replace the airbags & seat belt/harnesses used in cars today.

Here is how it works. A computer controlled net is buckled in when you sit on a car seat; instead of a seatbelt and harness. This net is attached to a machine that can be built into the seat or attached to the seat. The net allows the speed and the -pressure of the passenger, pushing against the net, to be controlled after a car crash. This new car seat restraint can be used by a 400 lbs man and a 5 lbs baby. 5 of these restraints can be installed for less than the cost of 2 airbags, In every auto accident there are 3 collisions: The car crashing into something, the passenger colliding within the car and the internal organs of the passenger colliding with the body frame.
After a car crash. This safety net never allows the force against the human body to be more than 7 times the gravitational force or 5 times for children and babies. Astronauts are trained at 7G's.

Baby Car Seat
Babies slip out and around. They are very fragile and very hard to confine. Parents will pay over $500 for a seat they think is better. What they need is a video of a crash test that proves the safety seat is 100%. What they don't need is another safety instructor telling them they mounted the seat all wrong. Guilt and fear are overwhelming when it concerns your child. Take the baby seat out of the car and run a crash test, hooked up to a computer. Same results, 100%. The baby seat has a battery backup.

Don't break your neck!
Each year thousands of children have their necks broke when they go face first into an airbag. Babies slip out of their seats and fly inside of outside the vehicle. In the future no one will be injured after a vehicle collision. There are 3 collisions in every vehicle crash.

This invention replaces airbags and seatbelts/ harnesses in cars. Every year 29.200 people go through car windows 1000 pregnant women have their unborn child killed by seat belts. Children are killed when they hit the airbag face first.

Three types of vehicle injuries cannot be avoided. Crushed, burned, drowned.

Scientifically Proven!
Plug this car seat attachment directly into a computer. Set up a crash test and run vehicle directly into a barrier. With a computer this function can be proven 100% of the time. A navy fighter plane, in trouble, crashes onto the flight deck of an aircraft carrier. That plane will be brought to a complete stop within 900 feet. 100% of the time. Irregardless, of the weight and speed of the plane. The pilot walked away without a scratch. There are thousands of manufacturing processes that constantly monitor the position of the product and maintain tension on the product as it moves.

Patent Number


Car seat pressure
deceleration controller

Safety Net Can Be Used At

  • Airplanes
  • Trucks
  • Boats
  • Motorcycles: with a big backrest (roll bar).
  • Lawnmower: riding
  • Cars
  • Any vehicle that has an up right portion.

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Statistically proven!

Deceleration control. Here are some deceleration methods that can only be proven statistically to be better than nothing!
  1. Tying a bungee cord to your leg and jumping off a bridge.
  2. Aiming for an air bag after a car crash. Hitting the bag face first breaks the neck. Especially for children! What about a multi-car crash or rollover.
  3. Across the shoulder harness. Basically useless at high speeds. Dale Ernhardt had his neck broken.
  4. Manufacturing the car frame and body fold, upon impact.
  5. 55 gallon barrels containing sand or water before a bridge or overpass.
  6. A seat belt alone can rupture the internal organs at high speeds.
  7. Building extra padding and buckles into a child seat.
Nature's Methodology
The web from a Steel Web Spider can catch a 747 in mid air.